cam collins age 16

Chicago, IL




"The visual language in my work has the potential to sprout various connections to situations that the viewer may have experienced as an individual or simply as a part of humanity. An important art-reality connection is emotion, or the illusion of emotion shown by the figures or the objects in the piece. The single emotion of the figures and objects in my work interacts with another element to create this “visual language” that essentially is the key point of the narrative, which allows for the viewer to be aware of the emotional situation in the piece itself. This condensed and subconscious feeling experience is similar to reading a comic book or watching an episodic series."


Digital Drawing, 2015


To interpret the word of "Dissect", I used the idea of the Witch Hunts to portray the intensive readings and trouble most of the people went through to get rid of fictional things. This required "dissection", which in the case, the method was constant hanging, beheading, and blaming. The boy in the picture has finally found a witch after creating a lab with many people getting "tested" to see if they are one as well. It's a factory, really.

-Cam Collins

Collection of Profiles, 2015

Photoshop with color. 

Ink/ Digital 

"Portrait-A-Day", paintings and drawings



"[for this project], I draw a portrait of someone dead, alive, or fictional everyday for the rest of my life. I have done over 651 portraits."

- Cam Collins


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