may, 2017

"a portrait of youthful arrogance" began as a continuation of my first solo album, "eyes wide open, staring at the sun," but slowly evolved into something else. though i wrote some songs from this record as far back as november 2015, the bulk of "portrait" was written between may and september of 2016: a period of time characterized by estrangement from my mother and my residency at a wilderness therapy facility in hawai'i. because of that, most of the songs on this record are, in some form or another, about coming to terms with my own shortcomings as well as those of my parents. in short, this album is about growing up, both as a person and as a musician; after winding up at a boarding school in new hampshire, i was forced to really hone my craft as a producer. it is for all these reasons that this album is equal parts my proudest and most expansive work to date, and is very challenging and rough around the edges. in short, i hope "portrait" means to you what it means to me, or at the very least that you enjoy it!

"my second release under this moniker, this EP sort of happened by accident. I submitted "If They Are OK, Then It's You" as my senior project for high school, whereupon the committee told me that I had a "conditional pass," provided I did four more songs in the same style. I was shocked; how was I supposed to pull four more songs out of my ass? however, I did what was asked of me, and, sure enough, you're looking at the finished product. "conditional pass" is equal parts much lusher and meticulous than "If They Are OK, Then It's You," and much more threadbare. that's not to say I didn't work hard, but if it seems a tad rushed, that's because it is. this collection of sounds is rough around the edges and given more time, i would have added infinitely more in the way of instrumentation. at some point, i just decided it was finished. here it is."

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