Pleasure nerves

Pictured: Alex (left), Jack (right)


     Chicago-born band Pleasure Nerves is getting ready to release their latest single, Interstellar Love within the month. They’re a frequent performer of T.A.C.O. shows and we’re eager to see what this three-piece has in store for listeners in the coming year. 

     With Alex Kritikos on guitar and vocals, Jack McDermott on drums, and Ryan Marx on bass, Pleasure Nerves light up the stage with colorful instrumentals overlay with captivating vocals that send chills up the spine. They describe their sound as “reggae surf pop,” and this description could not be more fitting for their fun, beachy rhythms and astral lyrics. When asked about their influences, Pleasure Nerves talked about the music they’ve most connected to; Alex mentioned his affinity for the upbeat, punk sounds of Green Day, and Jack the music of the 70’s and 80’s, citing Stewart Copeland of the Police as one of his favorite drummers. But their musical expertise proved to be quite diverse as we examined music from all genres, from classical to grunge.

 Alex and Jack said that now, an increasingly larger part of their influence comes from their peers rather than professional musicians of the past. Pleasure Nerves talked about how they enjoy watching other bands perform as it offers a glimpse into someone else’s artistic production. Alex explained how you can learn a lot about and band just by watching them perform, and how this can help inspire their own musical pursuits.

     Pleasure Nerves has a unique band dynamic, stemming from when they first got together. Alex met bassist Ryan while playing in a previous band called No Currency, which had a more explicit punk tone. Jack filled in for a previous drummer for a show at Martyr’s and the rest is history. Together, their sound has evolved and is continuing to develop.


Pictured (left to right): Ryan, Jack, Alex


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