SUMMER age 16

My name is Summer and I am a 16 year-old musician/songwriter. My newly released album Save The World is a collection of original songs produced along with guitar virtuoso Michael Kelsey. The album's sound flows from grand rock to groovy love songs, while the superhero theme celebrates ordinary people who dedicate their lives fighting for good. My main inspirations are The Beatles, Queen, Michael Jackson, U2, Handel, C. S. Lewis, and Stevie Wonder. I play rock n’ roll because the rock revolution in the 50’s and 60’s caused a fascination and hope for the future that inspires me. Music is a symbol of unity, freedom and power. My mission is to explore the world in search of answers, to study the beauty of cultures and people, to reveal the lies and oppression of the corrupt and to write these stories into songs. I am constantly playing solo acoustic shows and writing new songs with bolder themes, layered harmonies and guitar effects. Listen to the CD, watch my recent videos and performances and check out my reviews and articles. Rock On!

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