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Each year, MoMA (NYC) hosts a free online course for teens around the world. In 2016, MoMA collaborated with the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Tate in London, to explore and highlight the unique culture and art spaces of each city in a course called A Tale of Three Cities. TACO was chosen as an arts program in Chicago to be featured in content about the Chicago arts scene.

"Check out the 2016 Summer Solstice exhibition opening for the Chicago-based youth arts collective Teen Artist’s Creative Oasis (TACO)! 


TACO is the brainchild of Bella Masterson and Bella Kiser, two youth artists who share the same first name and same passion for creating fresh spaces for teens to share their art outside of school and adult-led programs. All TACO events and content are curated, designed, and hosted by youth, and only youth art is allowed. In the tradition of TACO, this video was shot and produced beyond our walls by the very talented teen and artist Maddie Brewer."

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