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T.A.C.O. Team

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Bella Masterson

Co-Founder and Co-Director 

Bella (She/Her) is an organizer and art educator from Chicago, and a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked to encourage numerous art and film institutions in Chicago and Philadelphia to include teens and students as leaders in their curatorial visions and program models.

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Bella Kiser

Co-Founder and Co-Director 

Bella (She/Her) is a 23-year-old arts organizer and advocate, as well as an artist. She attends Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts where she is enrolled in their 5-year dual degree program. Through her work with T.A.C.O., youth and adult artists, and arts organizations, she hopes to change the art history canon by making the art world a more inclusive and diverse space. 

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Lead Organizer 2019-

Youth Media Outreach 2018-


Nathalie (She/Her) is a Chicago native. Nathalie attends Francis Parker School and breaks norms in order to express herself. Growing up in a very strict social climate has helped shape her into a growing garment and creative artist. She has been a part of the T.A.C.O. Team since 2018 and loves putting on events for youth led organizations, artists, and performers. Networking and outreach with T.A.C.O. have shaped her into the leader she is today.



Director of Media 2019-

Cali (She/Her) is a senior at the University of Chicago Lab School. She's a big believer in the role that art plays in holding higher institutions accountable and does so through satirical and journalistic writing in and outside her school. When she's not busy commuting Cali plays bass, makes movies and experiments with digital and film photography. She loves Thai food, her two black cats, 80s coming of age films, sketch comedy and sometimes reading.

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Visual Arts Organizer 2019-

Mikael (He/Him, They/Them) was born in Chicago Illinois in 2003. Mikael is a visual artist studying at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, mainly working in painting, sculpture, digital, and drawing, focusing through the lens of surrealism, avant-garde art, and the psychedelic art style to display symbolisms in social interaction, societal functionalism, spiritual awakening, natural life, aesthetic design, and of course the universe.

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Social Media Coordinator 2019-

Nairobi (She/Her) is a senior at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. She enjoys putting together outfits by going to thrift stores and resale shops throughout Chicago. Last year, Nairobi took an AP Art History course to deepen her love of art and build skills in analyzation. Her favorite art mediums are jewelry design, graphic design, and collage. When she has free time she likes to create aesthetic and mood boards on Pinterest. She hopes to be able to build a community that allows people to connect through art.

Past Team Members

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Outreach Coordinator 2019-2020

Madelyn (She/Her) is a Chicago teenager and senior at Northside College Prep. Her favorite form of creative expression is clothing and she enjoys spending time creating outfits. Her artistic mission is to encourage others to candidly share their creative works with others and feel confident doing so. She loves conversations, gardening, and making people smile. Madelyn enjoys analyzing art in all mediums and genres, especially music and film. She looks forward to traveling, reading new books, and meeting new people.

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Social Media Coordinator 2019-2020

Sadie (She/Her) is 17 years old and a senior at Wolcott school. She is very interested in all different types of art and loves to paint on anything she can get her hands on. She is a big believer in art inclusivity and hopes to help foster a place where people can express themselves freely! 

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Music Organizer 2019-2020

Tommy (He/Him) is a 17-year-old senior at Wolcott High School. He has been surrounded by music his whole life and is the lead singer of an indie rock band called Mock Nine. He has planned multiple shows around the city and after high school, he plans to take a gap year to start an art collective where people from all over the city can come and showcase their artwork.



Social Media Manager 2018-2019


Lola (She/Her) is 17 years old and a senior at Whitney Young High School. She is an avid advocate for artists in Chicago, a fan of making and watching films, and an earring enthusiast. 


Seamus and Kenton

Co-Directors 2016-2017

From Fall 2016-Summer 2017, Seamus Masterson and Kenton Kiser took over as Co-Directors. In addition to supporting regular programming, they initiated a successful interview campaign.

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