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Tsotsi - "Nightlife" ft. Chase Alex, Eazy El Loco & Metaphoric


Jones College Prep Junior Isaiah Ahaghotu is leaving his mark on the Chicago Rap scene in a unique way. By building off of the already renowned rappers like Chance, Mick Jenkins, and Supa, Tsotsi is striving to create a new wave of music. I got to ask Tsotsi, Chase Alex, and Metaphoric a couple of questions about their most recent single, "Nightlife", and what it means to them.  

(Seamus): What’s up man introduce yourself.

"Im Tsotsi and I’m a rapper from Chicago."

A little bit ago, you released your EP Red Wedding. Tell me a little bit about this and what it means to you

"It was pretty much just on the fly. To be honest, I was just in the studio pretty much in one day and I just started writing and I wanted to come back and record this in two days and drop it. I was just really inspired because I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately. I’ve been listening to a lot of Hurt Everybody and that honestly fuels me to make my music, so that’s pretty much where I started working on the EP from."


What’s your favorite song on your EP?

"I’d have to say Red Wedding, the first song."

Let’s talk about your most recent single - Nightlife. Did you all work on Nightlife at the same time? What worked well for you all?

"Pretty much, it was my song at first because I messed with the producer and he made something and told me I should rap on it. I was down so I hit up Chase and we were together not in the studio messing around and I realized he could sing pretty good so we kinda all got together on this. Then I talked to Eazy El Loco over Twitter because he’s not from Chicago. We wrote it all alone and then me, Metaphoric, and Chase got together in the studio at Chase’s house."

What was your favorite moment of creating Nightlife?

"We were in the studio and Chase couldn’t sing it. So, I had to teach him how to do it and he just really got into it like he started ad libbing and he was really getting into it. He didn’t even realize that he was doing it really good until we started playing it back. We were honestly just having fun and that’s how we really got to record this, when we were just having fun." - TSOTSI


"My favorite moment was when Metaphoric came in to spit his verse and he had come down with an intense cold and it was funny seeing him rap in his condition. We were all making jokes and it was a good time." - CHASE ALEX

What does this song mean to you? What does it represent?

"It was just about having fun and usually my songs kind of have a direction, but this song was more just...there’s nothing to worry about, kind of getting rid of the problems and just having fun." - TSOTSI "The song was about late nights with a girl to me probably ending or beginning with a smoke sesh. I don't even smoke tho so it was funny singing "let's get highhhhh". I want people to feel like they are either out on a good, eventful night or going to begin one." - CHASE ALEX

Who are your musical influences?

"I’d say Mick Jenkins, Chance, Hurt Everybody. I mess with them, especially Supa. He honestly has inspired me. When I heard the Hurt Everybody EP, that’s when I started getting into music. They all split up which sucks." -TSOTSI "My musical influences would be Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Lorde, and Amy Winehouse." -CHASE ALEX

Where do you feel you fit in the Chicago music scene?

"I feel like I’m trying to create something new in the scene cause I don’t wanna be known as somebody who copies off of somebody else’s style, but at the same time, I do wanna work with those artists and I do wanna be associated with them. But, I do wanna create my own type of music. I won’t stick to one style. I’ll move around a lot. I just like to make music that I think sounds good." -TSOTSI


"I feel like I don't fit in to the Chicago music scene because my objective is to stand out. I don't want to sound like I'm from a certain place. I just want to make music because not all of my influences are from Chicago." -CHASE ALEX

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