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Teen Artists' Creative Oasis (T.A.C.O.) is a Chicago-based project that provides an inclusive space and shares creative resources to promote, encourage and advocate for local youth artists. 


T.A.C.O. was created in 2014 by Bella Masterson and Bella Kiser to plan seasonal art opens “by teens and for teens” outside of institutional or school settings. When Bella and Bella reached their 20s, they brought on teen artists Lola and Nathalie to take over the curation and leadership of T.A.C.O. art events, and began to focus on outreach and partnerships that foster a larger youth arts community in the city. 


T.A.C.O. has allowed hundreds of diverse youth artists and musicians from the Chicagoland area to display and perform their work to live audiences across the city. This project is not only a free way for young creatives to share their work, but through donating all proceeds from events, T.A.C.O. impacts the larger global community.


To hear more about the challenges of a youth-led organization, the curation and event planning process, and the ways that the T.A.C.O. team stays grounded, listen to Kanyinsola Anifowoshe's Podcast, The Now, Episode 4: Bella Masterson and Bella Kiser. 


T.A.C.O. is a team of 14 teens from all around Chicago! To learn more about the dedicated group working to create an inclusive youth art space and to provide youth artists with opportunities and resources click here

To find out about when T.A.C.O. will be hiring in the future, follow us on Instagram at @taco_chicago.

Donations allow T.A.C.O. to afford venues and necessary materials, pay youth photographers and collaborators, and compensate the work of our teen team members. Donate here.

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